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For a pregnancy session it is best to schedule between 6  and  7 months of pregnancy. When the tummy is already round, visible, and the mother feels good, it is not yet very swollen, he can move freely. Before the session it is worth to see some inspiration, think about how you want to look in the pictures. Lightly, airy, in a delicate dress with wreakers or maybe in jeans and black.


I currently have 6  maternity dresses . I encourage you to take with you jeans, denim shirt, ordinary T-shirt in white and a black, smooth dress. Please bring a set of black and white underwear with you. Well if it is underwear smooth, without lace, bows, etc... The simpler the better. For gentlemen, it is best to take: a white or black T-shirt with matching trousers. If it is to be on the style of elegant dad takes shirts it is important that it is clean and not crummy!!! Because everything will be visible in the pictures.

      What to avoid:

-striped clothes, dots, small patterns (flowers, etc...)

-T-shirts with subtitles, large applications.

     How to dress children?

If the session will be attended by children, it is best to wear a dress consistent with yours.  Clothes without flashy patterns, etc. Clothes should not focus too much attention... Colors muted because the most important thing in the photograph is to be your faces and belly.


It is best to check bare feet take care of not before the session


The main thing is probably good humor and positive attitude but I encourage you to take it: pictures of ULTRASOUND, shoes, clothes and something that you would like to perpetuate in the photo.

The session lasts up to 1.5 H. Please prepare for cooperation with me and I will try to make the pictures beautiful. I hope that the end result of my work will be a unique souvenir for life.

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